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Technical Specification

An industrial range of IP44 & IP67 ingress protected “Commando” combination units designed to provide RCD protection in hazardous environments.

The Commando range is designed to meet all relevant European and British Standards, whilst offering an excellent choice of ingress protected ratings.

The Commando range offers remarkable impact strength by way of its PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) or Nylon (Polyamide PA) insulated or aluminum housing*. Outstanding temperature performance and good resistance to most chemicals make it ideal for the most arduous applications.
Contact pins and sleeves are of solid brass with stainless steel springs to keep contacts free of dirt and to ensure constant contact pressure.

16A and 32A IP44 plug, connector and socket outlet products have housings manufactured from PA.

Overview & Usage

Commando offers a comprehensive range of industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets, appliance inlets, Combi and Modular-Combi units.