Technical Specification

Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) Fittings

High-Quality Steel Construction — Made in the USA!
• Available in sizes for 1⁄2" to 4" electrical metallic tubing (EMT)
• Steel construction for strength and durability
• Electroplated zinc finish for corrosion protection
• Use couplings to join two lengths of EMT
• Use connectors (insulated or non-insulated) to join EMT to a box or enclosure
• Set-screw couplings and connectors are for use in dry locations and are concrete-tight when taped
• Compression couplings and connectors are concrete-tight
• MADE IN USA for use on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects

Compression Fittings

Dependable Pipe Stop
• Strong, thick protrusion that does not exceed the thickness of EMT. Keeps forcefully inserted conduit from breaking through the opposite side of the coupling, while not interfering with the pulling of conductors
Heavy-Duty Thick Steel Body/Glands with Continuous Threading
• True hexagonal shape. The non-circular design has actual flats for gripping power using hand or tool force
Extra-Thick Electro-Plated Zinc Finish
• Ensures corrosion resistance while the clear chromate coating gives the fittings their quality shine and luster

Couplings and Connectors

Superior Quality and Design
• Strict tolerances throughout fitting ensure a straight conduit run with no sagging over extreme lengths
• The chamfered entry provides a lead-in for conduit insertion
Dependable Pipe Stop
• 360° groove traveling the circumference ensures that conduit forcefully inserted won’t break through to the opposite side of the fitting. Also, it does not exceed the thickness of EMT and prevents interference with pulling conductors
Extra-Large Head Tri-Drive Set Screw
• Accommodates Phillips, slotted and square drives
Enhanced Locknut Construction
• Heavy-duty turned sharp teeth, double-threaded

Overview & Usage

Steel City® Conduit Fittings provide long-lasting service in commercial, industrial and residential construction. Our fittings are manufactured within strict tolerances to maintain consistent performance. Installers can be assured that every fitting with the Steel City® name will work every time. So when you select Steel City® Conduit Fittings, that means fewer headaches and call-backs.

Steel City® products symbolize the highest quality standards in
manufacturing and innovative design, with one of the most complete
offerings available. Contact a T&B distributor nearest you to select
the right Steel City® product for your requirements.